A Regularization Approach to Demosaicking

D. Menon and G. Calvagno

Proc. of IS&T/SPIE Conference on Visual Communication and Image Processing (VCIP),
Jan. 2008, San Jose, CA (invited paper, IBM Student Travel Grant)

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Abstract: Demosaicking is the process of reconstructing a full resolution color image from the sampled data acquired by a digital camera that apply a color filter array to a single sensor. In this paper, we propose a regularization approach to demosaicking, making use of some prior knowledge about natural color images, such as smoothness of each single color component and correlation between the different color channels. Initially, a quadratic strategy is considered and a general approach is reported. Then, an adaptive technique is analyzed, in order to improve the reconstruction near the edges and the discontinuities of the image. This is performed using a novel strategy that avoids computational demanding iterations. The proposed approach provides good performances and candidates itself for many applications.