Demosaicing based on wavelet analysis of the luminance component

D. Menon and G. Calvagno

Proc. of the 2007 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), Sept. 2007, San Antonio, Texas

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Abstract: Most color digital cameras apply a color filter array to capture the scene, requiring an interpolation of the subsampled color components to obtain the full resolution image. Therefore, if reconstruction is not performed correctly, noticeable artifacts are produced, which result more evident in the detailed parts of the image. In this paper we propose a demosaicing algorithm based on directional filtering that uses a novel approach to locate the details of the image. To this purpose, edge-estimation is performed on the luminance component of the image in order to give a more reliable information, and the properties of the wavelet transform are used to estimate the edge directions. Experimental results proved the effectiveness of this approach, giving high performance in PSNR, and good estimates of image details too.

Various images demosaicked with the proposed algorithm are available. The original images are available at We downsampled them according to the Bayer pattern and afterwards we reconstructed them using the DBWALC algorithm (with the enhancement technique no. 1) presented in the paper .

Click on the image to view or download the demosaicked images (the uncompressed TIFF format is used):

boat lighthouse sail statue window